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Metal Processing Plant
We offer the best cooperation package allowing an element to be made of most steel grades, aluminium, copper and brass in the form of rods, sheet, plates or structural sections. We work based on a technical drawing or a reference detail provided. If necessary, we provide comprehensive design and prototyping services. Our production facilities allows medium- to large-batch production. What is more, we can make metal elements for further overmould.
Automated welding
As part of welding and ironworking services we weld elements based on documentation supplied by the customer and our own projects. For large welding contracts, we use the Motoman Ma2010 (Master) welding robot with the YASNAC DX200 controller. Automated welding station with H-250 rotary positioner allows welding elements with 250 kg weight, 2500 mm length on the longest side, and 1200 mm diameter.
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Welding automation means precision, but also saved time and amount of welding consumables used. Robotised welding is used for medium- to large-batch production, where repeatability and identical weld seams are of key importance. Launching production with an automated welding robot requires a prior welding template. As part of cooperation, we make welding templates in our Tool Room.
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Provision of metalworking services using the CNC turning method at Tulplast.
If you need metal details of a simple or more complex shape - please contact us for a free and non-binding quote.
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Automatic lathes that we have in our machine park are an invaluable tool in metalworking. Thanks to their capabilities, we are able to perform activities such as: turning, drilling or milling the most complex shapes. These machines are suitable for processing all types of metals up to a maximum diameter of Ø32mm. The biggest advantage they have is the use of nine axes and three programming channels at the same time, which allows us to produce many elements while maintaining the quality and precision of the manufactured products.
Metal Processing Centre
- Machining on computerized numerical control and conventional machines: turning, drilling,
- milling and grinding,
- Processing of rods with ϕ 32 mm on longitudinal automatic lathes,
- Sheet metal forming processes on presses with a force of 25 to 200 tons,
- Cutting on semi-automatic band saws and CNC machine,
- Automated welding,
- Assembly of prefabricates and subunits.
Quality control
Details are quality controlled during the entire production process. We have established control points at various production stages. It guarantees that the finished product will be solid, durable, and of the highest quality.
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