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Delivery and payments

The full contents are available in the sales terms and conditions.



7.1. The period until delivery will include processing time and Delivery time, which will depend on the selected form of payment, Delivery method and place of Delivery.
7.2. Processing time (the time required to prepare the Products for shipment or collection) will be specified in the Order confirmation. If the processing time is not specified, it will generally be as follows:
a) for cash on delivery – up to 3 Business Days from the confirmation of the Order referred to in section 5.8 adjustment of these Terms and Conditions;
b) for advance payment – up to 3 Business Days from the date on which your payment is credited to the Seller's account;
 subject to section 7.3 of these Terms and Conditions.
The above-mentioned processing times will not include the day on which the Seller confirms the acceptance of the Order.
7.3. If the above-mentioned processing times cannot be observed, the Seller will inform you about this and indicate the possible processing time. In such case, you may, at your discretion, accept the proposed processing time or cancel the Order or its part (withdraw from the Sales Contract or its part) by sending a relevant declaration to the e-mail address of the Seller: within 2 Business Days; if you fail to submit such declaration, the Seller will process the Order within the specified longer period.
7.4. The quantity of Products sold at discounted prices as part of sales promotions and seasonal sales is limited, and such Orders will be processed in the sequence in which they are received until the discounted Products are out of stock.
8.1. The prices specified in the descriptions of the Products are given in:
a) PLN in the Polish version of the On-line Store;
b) EUR in other versions of the On-line Store.
8.2. The prices of the Products are inclusive of VAT.
8.3. The prices of the Products are exclusive of the flat Delivery charge or other charges, such as customs duty or excise tax. The price of the Products is changed by publishing new price offers on the Website, and it will bind the Parties from the time they are published, without affecting the performance of contracts entered into for earlier Orders.
8.4. The Seller will inform you about the total price of the Products, available Delivery options and any additional charges, including Delivery charges, directly before you place the Order (offer to buy).
8.5. When placing the Order, the Seller will inform you about the available payment methods:
a) cash on delivery, i.e. payment to the courier representing the Carrier or the Seller upon collection of the shipment from the premises of the Seller,
b) by bank transfer to the bank account of the Seller:
TULPLAST Socha sp. k.
62-021 Paczkowo
ul. Wiosenna 27
mBank: 28 1140 1124 0000 2700 8700 1001.
8.6. The payment period for the executed Sales Contract will be as follows:
a) when paying by bank transfer – promptly, but in any case not later than within 48 Business Hours from Order placement;
b) when paying by cash on delivery – upon collection of the ordered Products.
You will always be informed by the Seller about the payment period in the Order confirmation e-mail discussed in section 5.8 of these Terms and Conditions.
8.7. The Parties may agree upon an extended payment period for the Products in specific cases. Changing the payment period will always require the Seller's express confirmation in writing or in a declaration submitted by e-mail.
8.8. If you do not make the payment within the period specified in section 8.6 of these Terms and Conditions or within the period agreed for a specific Order as per section 8.7 of these Terms and Conditions, the Seller may withdraw from the Sales Contract. Upon the unsuccessful lapse of the payment period, the Seller will send the contract withdrawal notice to you on a permanent medium (to your indicated e-mail address or service address).
8.9. A relevant sales document (receipt or VAT invoice) will be issued for each Order, and it will be sent to you with the ordered Products.
8.10. If you wish to receive an electronic sales document in the PDF format, you may request that the Seller send such document at any time in electronic form by sending this request to the following e-mail address: The Seller will send the electronic document to your e-mail address indicated in the request within 7 days from the issue of the Products.
9.1. The ordered Products:
a) will be delivered by the Seller to the address you indicate; or
b) will be made available for pick-up at the premises of the Seller, on Business Days, during Business Hours, after prior confirmation that they are ready for pick-up.
9.2. The Seller will inform you that it has sent the ordered Products in an e-mail with information about the following: delivery address, Carrier details, shipment number and number of the VAT invoice (if any).
9.3. The expected time of Delivery of the Products by the Carrier will generally be up to 2 Business Days from the shipment date. However, the time of Deliver will depend on the weight and size of the shipment. If the Products are to be delivered abroad, the expected Delivery time will be specified individually. The detailed terms of delivery of the Products by the Carrier will be governed by the relevant contractual provisions used by the Carrier.
9.4. If you do not collect the Products, the Seller may schedule an additional date for the collection of the Products. If you do not collect the Products within the prescribed additional period specified by the Seller, the Seller will have the right to withdraw from the Sales Contract. The Seller may submit the Sales Contract withdrawal notice within 30 days from the original scheduled date of Delivery of the Products.
9.5. The withdrawal from the Sales Contract referred to above will be effected by submitting the withdrawal notice to your mail or e-mail address within the specified periods. In such case, the Sales Contract will be considered void. The Parties will promptly return all their considerations under the Sales Contract to each other.
10.1. You will bear the costs of Delivery.
10.2. Information about Delivery costs will be posted on the Product homepage, and it will be indicated when you place the Order using the Order form on the Website.
10.3. Payment for the Delivery of the Products will depend on quantity, weight
and size of the ordered Products. The amount of the flat Delivery charge will be communicated to you when you place the offer to buy the Products before executing the Sales Contract. It will be paid together with the price of the Products.
10.4. If the Products are to be shipped abroad, the amount of the Delivery costs will be indicated separately for each Order.
10.5. All costs of shipping the Products abroad (including customs duties, excise tax, etc.) will be paid by you.