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Face shield with adjustable plastic band 300x220x0.4 mm

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Face shield with adjustable plastic band 300x220x0.4 mm

polyethylene (PE), transparent PET, 0.3 mm thick
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Face shield with adjustable band

Transparent face shield, easy-to-use, provides face protection, reduces the risk of contact with airborne viruses and germs. Ensures effective protection of mouth, eye and nose areas. It will work perfectly as a protection against instinctive touching of the face with infected hands.

Face shield comprises transparent plastic PET 0,4 mm thick visor and adjustable polyethylene mounting band. With adjustable band the face shield can be fitted to the head size easily. Appropriate design allows for wearing of glasses.

The face shield is comfortable to use, light-weight, and can be worn for many hours. Rounded from the bottom, improves work comfort.

The face shield is reusable. It is recommended to wear the face shield with a face mask.

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