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Plastic intermediate clamp

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Product characteristic


                                    Immediate snap-in assembly.

                                                     Strict clamp adherence to the post.

Perfectly matched caps protecting mounting screws.

Metal screws for plastic (2 pcs.) 6,1 x 30 TX25. (Torx TX25)

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Plastic intermediate clamp

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  • very strong connection of panels 3D ø 3, 4, 5 and 2D type 6/5/6 with the fence post 40 x 60 mm,
  • metal clamp equivalent,
  • the same distances are maintained between fence posts during assembly,
  • exceptional fencing stability,
  • the press of panels against posts eliminates noise, caused e.g. by vibrations generated by wind or ball impact,
  • simple and quick assembly,
  • exceptional resistance to weather conditions (UV radiation, frost resistance).

Intended purpose:

  • modern residential housing,
  • single-family houses,
  • industrial plants,
  • office complexes,
  • public utilities (hospitals, schools),
  • other industrial and business spaces.

Plastic intermediate clamp advantages

Design advantages:

  • Metal clamp equivalent. The same distances are maintained between fence posts as during assembly of metal intermediate clamp.
  • Immediate assembly. Openings inside the clamp allow its quick fixing by means of screws intended for plastics. This kind of fixing does not require using problematic spacers, so-called booklets. The fixing is easy to be modified also after final assembly.
  • No corrosion centre. The plastic intermediate clamp is without doubt a product with better technical values. Compared to the metal clamp the screws are set in the mounting holes and additionally protected by caps. The advantage of such a solution is that there is no corrosion.
  • Safety. Rounded structure protects against accidental cut.
  • Timeless and original design. The appearance of the clamp is consistent with the fence post and plastic bracket for concrete slab.
  • Problem-free delivery.  No scratches during transport and low product weight allow the reduction of forwarding costs.

Material advantages:

Exceptional resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage.

The plastic clamp is made of high quality plastic - polyamide (PA), containing UV stabiliser. This kind of plastic guarantees lasting protection against adverse weather conditions. This material does not absorb moisture, features high resistance to impacts in low and high temperatures. The plastic has also a high ability to absorb vibrations, good dimensional stability and high resistance to environmental corrosion and penetration of chemicals.

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